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GOLDMANN FOOTSTOOLS are being hand craftet, in any size. Every single one!

YOU determine:
- the size
- the height
- type and colour of the legs
Frame and legs are being made from beechwood. The legs are firmly integrated in the frame (NO screw-ons)!
A Footstool-Frame, made to YOUR order AND built to last for generations.

We carry a changing collection of high-quality fabrics. If you do have your own fabric, we gladly apply it accordingly.

In this website you see various types of footstools. These are client deliveries or show-room models. Please take these models as an example of how your footstool could look like and which possibilities in size and dimention we offer. Also, it will give you an approximate indication of our pricing.

We would like to assist you in designing your own individual footstool.
Please contact us by e-mail (info@footstools.de) or telephone (+49 4172 - 980 326).
Following, an example of how your INQUIRY could look:
"I am interested in the following footstool:
SIZE 110 cm long, 60 cm wide with a height of 43 cm
FABRIC "Astor"
FITTED COVER Not sure yet, perhaps "Escorial", please mail me a sample
TYPE of LEGS as at model "Chucky" - also with casters
COLOR of LEGS Walnut, very dark brown
Please advise price and time of delivery"

Most wishes can be described referring to the various footstools as shown in the website. Of course, we are happy to assist you in any way to arrive at your favourite footstool. Just mail us or give us a call. Naturally, we welcome you to visit us here in Germany, approximately 45 km south of Hamburg, to design your unique, own footstool right here at our location. Please mail or phone ahead.